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Debug info: Unknown column 'd.usermodifiedLEFT' in 'on clause'
SELECT AS did, d.course AS dcourse, AS dforum, AS dname, d.firstpost AS dfirstpost, d.userid AS duserid, d.groupid AS dgroupid, d.assessed AS dassessed, d.timemodified AS dtimemodified, d.usermodified AS dusermodified, d.timestart AS dtimestart, d.timeend AS dtimeend, d.pinned AS dpinned, d.timelocked AS dtimelocked, AS p_id, fp.discussion AS p_discussion, fp.parent AS p_parent, fp.userid AS p_userid, fp.created AS p_created, fp.modified AS p_modified, fp.mailed AS p_mailed, fp.subject AS p_subject, fp.message AS p_message, fp.messageformat AS p_messageformat, fp.messagetrust AS p_messagetrust, fp.attachment AS p_attachment, fp.totalscore AS p_totalscore, fp.mailnow AS p_mailnow, fp.privatereplyto AS p_privatereplyto, fp.wordcount AS p_wordcount, fp.charcount AS p_charcount, fp.deleted AS p_deleted, AS fauserpictureid,fa.picture AS fauserrecordpicture,fa.firstname AS fauserrecordfirstname,fa.lastname AS fauserrecordlastname,fa.firstnamephonetic AS fauserrecordfirstnamephonetic,fa.lastnamephonetic AS fauserrecordlastnamephonetic,fa.middlename AS fauserrecordmiddlename,fa.alternatename AS fauserrecordalternatename,fa.imagealt AS fauserrecordimagealt, AS fauserrecordemail,fa.deleted AS fauserrecorddeleted, AS lauserpictureid,la.picture AS lauserrecordpicture,la.firstname AS lauserrecordfirstname,la.lastname AS lauserrecordlastname,la.firstnamephonetic AS lauserrecordfirstnamephonetic,la.lastnamephonetic AS lauserrecordlastnamephonetic,la.middlename AS lauserrecordmiddlename,la.alternatename AS lauserrecordalternatename,la.imagealt AS lauserrecordimagealt, AS lauserrecordemail,la.deleted AS lauserrecorddeleted, AS gid, g.courseid AS gcourseid, g.idnumber AS gidnumber, AS gname, g.description AS gdescription, g.descriptionformat AS gdescriptionformat, g.enrolmentkey AS genrolmentkey, g.picture AS gpicture, g.hidepicture AS ghidepicture, g.timecreated AS gtimecreated, g.timemodified AS gtimemodified FROM mdl_forum_discussions d JOIN mdl_forum_posts fp ON = d.firstpost JOIN mdl_user fa ON = fp.userid JOIN mdl_user la ON = d.usermodifiedLEFT JOIN mdl_groups g ON = d.groupid WHERE = ? AND (d.groupid = ? OR d.groupid = ?) AND ((d.timestart <= ? AND (d.timeend = 0 OR d.timeend > ?)) OR d.userid = ?) ORDER BY d.pinned DESC , gname DESC LIMIT 0, 100
[array (
0 => 12,
1 => -1,
2 => 1,
3 => 1601565919,
4 => 1601565919,
5 => 0,
Error code: dmlreadexception
Stack trace:
  • line 486 of /lib/dml/moodle_database.php: dml_read_exception thrown
  • line 1247 of /lib/dml/mysqli_native_moodle_database.php: call to moodle_database->query_end()
  • line 468 of /mod/forum/classes/local/vaults/discussion_list.php: call to mysqli_native_moodle_database->get_records_sql()
  • line 6844 of /mod/forum/lib.php: call to mod_forum\local\vaults\discussion_list->get_from_forum_id_and_group_id()
  • line 177 of /mod/forum/classes/local/renderers/discussion_list.php: call to mod_forum_get_discussion_summaries()
  • line 248 of /mod/forum/view.php: call to mod_forum\local\renderers\discussion_list->render()