Blended learning course 

 Congratulations to all the participants for successfully completing basic Blended Learning course and welcome to this second level course. 

Learning outcomes:

  1. Explains the hallmarks of blended learning with appropriate examples
  2. Identify and access various free online resources in routine teaching
  3. Plan a blended learning session using existing resources
  4. Prepare and deliver a short module through BL
  5. Reflect on the process of blended learning

This section contains Downloadable videos for e-learning. 

Basic course for Blended learning at SRMC 

Basic course on blended learning

Intended Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course the participants will be able to

  1. Differentiate the learning behavior and environment of our current students “The zee “generation the digital pioneers
  2. Describe the design of blended learning
  3. Discuss the various ways to blended learning
  4. Reflect on advantages and disadvantages of blended learning
  5. Predict the challenges in implementation